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Date: October 2017 | Work: Copywriting, Ad Design | Industry: Travel

TravGroup provides premier full-service travel management for the corporate and luxury leisure traveler. With over 30 years of industry experience, TravGroup is the perfect travel partner. Using the latest technology, they navigate the complex world of travel—trip planning, booking, adapting to the unforeseen and to changing industry standards. They offer not just modes of travel but worldwide travel arrangements, insurance, live service and unparalleled expertise.

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Launched in New York, over thirty years ago, TravGroup redefines travel. The approach is simple: we consistently provide an unparalleled business and leisure travel experience for our clients.

Preferential rates, above-and-beyond service, a cultured team, cutting-edge technology, and the pursuit of excellence has established us as leaders in the travel management industry. Our extensive experience provides us with exclusive airline partnerships that give you access to business and first class tickets at up to 70% off published prices. Our partnerships with the world’s finest hotels and top cruise lines means clients enjoy upgrades, benefits, and added amenities worth up to thousands of dollars. These rates, deals, and promotions are unavailable to the public.

Business trips and tours, relaxing vacations, luxury cruises, eye-opening safaris, adventurous excursions, and cultural journeys are what we do best. We’re there for our clients when they need to be across the globe for a meeting tomorrow, when they need to plan a last-minute romantic weekend, and when their ultra-specific lifestyle calls for an ultra-specific itinerary.

We’ve sent clients to Munich with only two hours notice, we’ve hosted religious events atop mountains in the Middle East, and we’ve shut down major streets for proposals and parties.

Peace-of-mind is also of a major priority of ours. Our clients don’t worry about flight cancellations or delays; they don’t concern themselves with the details of their travels, as we handle everything from the moment they decide to plan a trip, to the moment they return home.

We are your advocates, your experts, your shoppers, your tailors, your agents, your negotiators, and your assurance. For whatever you may need, TravGroup is present.