About this project

Date: October 2016 | Work: Branding, Web, Social, Video, Experience | Industry: Fitness

In late 2015, a CrossFitter approached us with an idea. He was living in New Jersey at the time, working out at a CrossFit box on the shore. CrossFit is, by nature, a very raw, rugged, and unpolished sport. It’s mean, dirty, and rough around the edges. His idea was to refine the CrossFit experience and bring it to Manhattan.

We were very excited by the idea. Joe (our creative director) got into CrossFit, absorbed himself in the culture, and got to work. We worked for three months prior to the opening of ICE NYC on perfecting the brand. We crafted a bold, yet sharp logo, wrote motivating mission statements, produced dope video content, designed branded apparel, and developed an amazing brand.

Today, ICE NYC has two locations in Manhattan and one on Jumby Bay.

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